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Author / Submitted by: Roltzy

How to edit RPK files

Learn RPK stuff

I tried to be as thorough as I possibly could. So it will get a bit repetitive at times.

Knowing your way around RPK files is absolutely essential for modding SLRR.
There are some tutorials around, but they deal with specific parts, not the whole thing.

So why did Invictus choose to use RPKs? Memory management is my guess. It took out the need to code
resource handling. And that's what RPKs do. They hold resources. The game only sees things that are
in RPKs. The readable, text file of an RPK is an RDB. The tools resconvert and resdecode are used to
convert between the two. Get them from here.

For this tutorial, I will be using the Einvagen.rpk to show you examples.

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10. Pedro_Takumi

2017-06-02 14:44

can someone fix the link please?


9. geoldr2

2014-01-23 23:00

Yeah the links have been dead for a while.. convert your RPK to RDB and open the RDB in a text editor


8. johna650

2013-10-29 22:17

Need this tut badly... Please fix the link.... *SCRATCH*

7. turbojc

2013-07-27 12:03

Link not working. C'mon.


6. Dragonreaper

2012-08-21 23:00

neither link worked for me


5. JZA80

2009-03-09 12:29


4. MrPinkDrifter

2009-03-09 08:18

good tutorial.. it was usful..

now i might be abel to skript by my own.. ^^

thx for taking ur time to make this.. (Y)


3. robban_9000

2009-03-07 15:38

replaced the old link with the new one..

2. Rolts

2009-03-07 15:16

1. backa

2009-03-07 15:13

link redirects to personal file space

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