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Author / Submitted by: robban_9000

How to make Paintjobs & Decals

Paintjob tutorial by robban_9000

In this tut im gonna explain bouth how to make your own custom paintjobs and decals.
Iv tryed to mae this as easy as possible so everyone will understand.

Programs i use:

Photoshop 7 (any photoshop will be just fine)

MS paint (i use it just cuz i think its easier to use then Photoshop)

How to make paintjobs

First of all, u need to have a car, for example baiern with the parts
u want to have on the car when u are making the paintjob ( pretty obvius :P )
If u just gonna make a paintjob on a stock car that come direct from the dealer
u NEED to paint all parts in another color then stock to make all paintjob files
to show up in the paintjob folder (Street Legal Racing Redlinesaveskins)
Then u save ur carrer. After that u press " save paintjob " in the garrage.

Important: After u have saved the game u CANT add any other parts to the car
cuz then u will just mess it all up :P

u have saved ur paintjob with the name "Racing baiern" for example
After u have saved the paintjob and the carrer u have to go to

Street Legal Racing Redlinesaveskins and take all files named
Racing baiern.(all numbers)
(NOT the one named Racing baiern only, it has to be a number after)
and place them in a new folder.
Then u need to put .jpg in the end of all names of all files

Then open Photoshop, and open one of the baiern paintjob .jpg files.
After that u press "Image" then "Image size"

And change image size to 1024 X 1024 on all .jpg baiern pics (u can use whatever size u want)

Then delete .jpg in the name in all Racing baiern files.
After that u just put them back in Street Legal Racing Redlinesaveskins an let them
overwrite the old ones. Now u just load the paintjob in slrr. And put some of ur custom
decals on the car. then if u want to u make the paintjobs files to .jpg files again and
edit them or add details in MS paint or photoshop. and then offcours u need some skill
to but the more paintjobs u do the more skill u get.

There u have it. Pretty easy.

Now for the decals (:

First of all, lots of credit to Xion_drifter who teched me how to make decals

first u need to find a decent picture of a logo or something that has a single colored
background. And do not pick a picture that is to small, cuz then u wont get good detail.
And the Logo or the thing alwas needs to be in the middle of the pic and

the pic has to be in this shape:

or else the decal wont get the right shape in the game.

after that, open it in photoshop and Press CTRL J and after that u press this button so th eye disapairs:

Then press this one:

Then u press on the single colored area and then u press DELETE on ur keyboard.
then u save the decal and exit photoshop. now the file will be a .PSD file so
u need to cenvert the file to .png with DDS cenverter 2 that can be found in goms
download section. then just put the .png decal in Street Legal Racing Redlinedecalstexturescatalogmisc
and buy it and put on ur car ingame. DONE! :)

if u have any questions post it in comments

there u have it.. all the magic behind my paintjobs lol :P

HAVE FUN // ROBBAN_9000 Tags: No tags

21. Burn Rubber

2016-03-22 19:36

Kind of hard to understand with no picture guides... :/


20. FJ

2012-04-03 11:47

i didn't know that u can make PJ's with the microsoft's paint O_O

19. sam339

2011-08-31 19:52

i tried out to do a rusty paintjob... i followed all steps and now my car is grey


18. dick face

2010-07-15 23:56

i got paint .net can i use that?


17. auzzie2770

2010-04-06 05:12

can i use anythink other then photoshop?

16. dogzero

2009-07-11 16:17

Oh and Robban where did you get the apexi decal,or did you make it?

15. dogzero

2009-07-11 15:23

This sure helps GREAT work man


14. Killer-x

2009-04-30 23:59

the car just turned out gray and unpaintable... thanks for the tutorial though will try again tommarow

13. krayzframerate

2008-08-24 14:55

^^same problem as u

12. stevo

2008-08-13 14:48

And I can't turn the .jpg files back (deleting the .jpg at the end) but when I click rename, it doesn't allow me to delete it out/doesn;t show up.

11. stevo

2008-08-13 14:34

Hmm, I have read through this but is there any 'templates' of cars when editing the paint job file?

Also is this just putting it to high resolution just making the .jpg images larger? Or does it make it paintable/more easier to paint on?

And when I save a paint job, how come it's 17 files, and not just the one :/. Is it beccause of '17' car paintable body pannels?

10. ALIENwoods

2008-05-20 01:53

wtf? Why I need to save it in .PSD??? why do i just save it in .PNG format?
There are 2 main thing in decals:
#1 The decal never touch the images's border
#2 Make it on a layer, not in a background (that's why you need to save it in .PNG)


9. robban_9000

2008-03-24 06:26

no, i dont think so..

8. SLRrocks

2008-03-23 01:42

can u do a decal without photoshop?

7. kapoklis

2008-02-26 08:26

how to make from jpg format to SLRR file ? that i can load the paintjob in my game:?


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