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Author / Submitted by: maryus_x90

How to make carbon be paintable

and Decalable

Its simple, same as JAG show us in the tutorial how to make paintable materials, just you put a difusse colour mix:Def colour(white) and carbon.png(need to be with alpha chanel)...just dont forgot to mapp the part good(co can be good decalable), make loading order in RPK, and go to part.cfg and replace texture id with the carbon.png ID you have it !

Hope you get it, its not so hard... Tags: No tags



2010-06-15 09:23


2. maryus_x90

2010-06-14 06:00

yeah you can make it like that too :)...the only thing is to change the texture in cfg(from def colour to carbon)



2010-06-13 12:13

Only 1 thing... You don't need mix material, just carbon.

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