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Author / Submitted by: Diegorborges

Make Tracks Come stock with opponents

Well, you will only need to do the SPL files, which are the splines. Simple draw a line around your track in 3DSmax, don't mind getting it exactly over the track. Don't give a fuck to elevations n stuff. Just draw the line around the track. Try to have an smooth path, with good amount of points, but without doing too much of them, or the game will lag, because there'll be much points for the AI calculation... then, export it using the SPL export script from CRC, you can get it here:


Then, its just a matter of placing this file inside the track folder like I did and replacing the necessary bits on the java... if you pay attention you'll see that it's just a matter of replacing stuff.

I recommend you doing a simple track on track wizard or whatever and playing around with this to figure out.

Remember, you can even specify each opponent to follow a different spline. I usually only do 1, because doing them is annoying, but you can use that for doing, for example, one simple race line around the track, and one more aggressive, making the AI behave differently. And they're already somewhat smart, believe me. And if they aren't, there's parameters for adjusting this in the javas...

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1. dewasha

2011-08-25 12:31


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