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Tutorials \ Street Legal Modding Tutorials \ Opacity maps for trees, fences etc. on tracks.

Author / Submitted by: siim11s

Opacity maps for trees, fences etc. on tracks.

Use for making textures partially transparent (on tracks)

I'm putting this here since ppl keep asking about it.

This is the way I assign opacity maps to materials when making tracks. Note that you use the same image for both the diffuse map (basic texture) and the opacity map. Questions in comments pls.

You need to use a .png image for the texture (=diffuse map) and opacity map.. example - a proper tree texture image would look like these when wiewed in photoshop (probably other image editing programs too):


If you start out with a random image, you have to convert it to .png - remove the part (background) you don't need first - in an image editing program (like photoshop) so it looks like the example with the checkerboard background (meaning there is no data in that area of the image).

Find the material for the tree (or fence or w/e) in 3dsmax and go to maps. The "diffuse" map should already be assigned as "tree.png" (example filename), now you need to set the "opacity" map (which is in my experience usually set as "mix"). Just drag the "tree.png" from the diffuse map to opacity map. now both maps should be assigned the "tree.png". Then klick on the button you just replaced (opacity map) and set the "mono channel output" to "Alpha" like so: (ignore everything else on the picture)

Try doing that with one material first and try to export and see if it worked (it should). Also make sure you use the resconverter that comes with trackwizard! Maps in tracks might not work with others. Delete any resconvert.exe you might have in the game folder and let Trackwizard create a new one - which should be optimized for tracks or something... :-)

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3. siim11s

2011-06-19 18:32

sorry JAG, I copied this from my earlier forum post (where I first stole the pic) so i didn't remember where the it was from. I hope that's ok, your pic describes what needs to be done real good.. :-)

2. JAG

2011-06-19 03:00

LOL, you stole a pic from my SLRR paintable material tutorial! Nice.

No, I'm not mad. I don't care in the least.

1. redline_racer

2011-06-18 07:30

im a n00b, and it helped me, thanx mate, u saved me, now i cAN start RELEASING tracks.

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