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SLRR Tutorials

This includes

You want to start 3D modeling Read this first!
Transparent Grille
SLRR style Paintable Decalable Material
SLRR butterfly doors
RPK files
Pops SL1 Car Import Tutorial
Muiltiple Engines
Making your own Class File
Making parts paintable and decable
Lesons about rpk structures
How to model a car
how to make an addon car base
how to change pivot points for doors Hoods etc
How to add extra NOS
Gniazdo's multi engine tutorial
Class files
Basic Scripting 2
Basic Scripting 1
Adding new parts
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8. autoGUMI

2017-12-11 01:00

Thanks, man... Gonna read them later :)

7. DK_

2012-12-29 00:29



6. OlympicBeige

2012-12-24 00:45

The links in the PDFs only link me to some wierd website, ger-tech.net, If you could fix this, I simply want the video tutorials for 3dsmax 5.


5. Dragonreaper

2012-08-21 23:04

Why don't people use mediashare? it is so much faster. Crocko is crap, wait 2 min to start downloading a file, then wait an hour to download another. I wanted to download this tutorial, but I am going to have to wait an hour to do so.... I'll probably forget about it in an hour. I'm sure allot of people skip downloading stuff when they see a site come up that has a wait time to download.


4. frenkie0902

2012-07-19 15:11

pls upload to mediafire -_- crocko upload is stupid


3. dewasha

2011-08-25 12:29


2. lunar8989

2011-03-27 23:05

can make another plz, i greatly appreciate the first oneo.o

1. Rolts

2009-11-29 10:25

Stop putting crap on EasyShare. Nobody will wait 500 seconds to dl a 6MB file.

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