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The basics about Modifying .RPK files

Keep in mind, I DID NOT CREATE THIS, just uploaded.
Converting and Decoding RPKs

~NOTE: To use these you'll first need to make a folder on your desktop and call that RPK, put resdecode.exe and resconvert.exe in that folder.

1: goto start then click run, this will open a pathfinder type in cmd and press enter. This will open your windowscommand prompt wich is a shell version of DOS. You'll have to browse to your RPKfolder on your desktop. Wich is done in this way.
1: type and enter cd desktop
2: type and enter cd RPK
Now your inside the RPKfolder but in a kind of DOSmode.

2: Decoding the chosen RPKfile after browsing to your RPK folder in this commandprompt type and enter:
resdecode "name of rpkfile".
Like if you want to convert the file Baiern.rpk then type and enter:
resdecode baiern.
now your RPKfile is decoded to an RDBfile wich you open in notepad and now can change and save. After desired changes are made save your original rpk to an backupfolder somewhere you like best (taking it out of RPKfolder).

1: Always make sure that there is no RPKfile present in the RPKfolder with the same name as the RDBfile your gonna convert to RPK. This to forcome trouble!

2: Open up your commandprompt and browse with it to your RPKfolder like explained up in this tutorials in decoding.

3: when at C:documents and settings"owners name"desktopRPK>
type and enter: resconvert "name of file"
so if the RDBfile is named Baiern.rdb type and enter:
resconvert baiern.
If all went okay you'll see some codes coming up on the screen and when they stop your rpk is made.

If it stops early giving a errorcode or wont begin with converting, you can contact me at my msn.

All I further can say is only expirimenting is the best way to learn!! Have fun!!! Tags: No tags


7. Snicky

2016-03-16 16:58

Hello, I am new here and recently i put one engine mod ( Honda K Series), and i get this error, http://imgur.com/QHN2et7 .

and where i can find Catalog ID ?

Best regards,


6. mauro2011

2013-06-01 14:46

!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\src\Baiern_CoupeSport_Turbo.java" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\src\Baiern_CoupeSport_Turbo.java"
!JavaMachine::loadClass: failed to load cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\Baiern_CoupeSport_Turbo.class
Missing .cfg: cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\_main_CoupeSport_Turbo.cfg
!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\src\Baiern_DevilSport_Turbo.java" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\src\Baiern_DevilSport_Turbo.java"
!JavaMachine::loadClass: failed to load cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\Baiern_DevilSport_Turbo.class
Missing .cfg: cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\_main_DevilSport_Turbo.cfg
!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\src\Baiern_DevilSport_TwinTurbo.java" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\src\Baiern_DevilSport_TwinTurbo.java"
!JavaMachine::loadClass: failed to load cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\Baiern_DevilSport_TwinTurbo.class
Missing .cfg: cars\racers\Baiern_data\scripts\_main_DevilSport_TwinTurbo.cfg


2013-04-09 13:40



4. Quarazhi

2011-06-17 11:40

Why cant i use The GM_V8_pak and Mopar with Borat ?


2011-06-08 21:40



2. Erico11

2010-07-26 17:36

Error: Cannot load <baiern> ! Please respond shortly. My e-mail is [email protected] and I do have the MWM Patch from Marin.

Take Care,


1. Perish

2009-12-28 11:40

when i decode the rpk change wat ever i change in rdb then save it but when i try 2 reconvert it it takes 4ever to bring up the codes and convert it.watz wrong???? need help

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