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2017-11-08 17:28
Watch Dogs Free!
Posted by Sterling In News

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Defiant |

Have you guys seen the new Tesla Roadster? 0-60mph in 1.9 sec, 0-100mph in 4.2 sec. 1/4 mile in 8.9 sec and top speed over 250mph


Well, it was about Terasology that wants to opens up a page in order for you to install Java although I think it´s weird since what I found out on forum threads what is required if you use OpenJDK instead of Oracle Java it should work just fine, yet it insist like a stubborn donkey that you must have it to run the game. Perhaps I don´t have a choice then.

EliasFD3S |

Java is not a game engine , its only the tool for create one like SLRR devs done. If you can create a game engine , you can create what you want in a game.

EliasFD3S |

I depend , but if you want to create a java game you dont need only JDK , you need to create your own librairies who is very difficult (i took 2 weeks for a librairies who just add buttons so imagine for an HP calcul or a game physic). Btw you can use OpenGL or Unity this is the easiest way


Does anyone know how make a game that requires java to recognize OpenJDK as java? Been bugging me ever since I wanted to try that game.

Fireful0 |

What's up, my peeps?

Jfernando1 |

Hey Singh. How are you?

Singh |

im not happy about the winter either but, this is every year same story lol. sucks man.

Singh |

hey guys

Racedriver43 |

Does anyone happen to know how to get the suspension system IDs? I need to get suspension on a few cars.

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